Moving Houses? Why Get a Move-In Cleaning?

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Moving Houses? Why Get a Move-In Cleaning?

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When you’re busy moving from one home to another, it’s easy to get lost in all the details. However, getting a move-in cleaning is one of the things you shouldn’t forget. The following are the six main reasons why you should always get a move-in cleaning before settling into a new home:

1. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing your new home is clean.

There are plenty of surfaces you’ll feel better about if you get a move-in cleaning. You’ll feel better about showering in your new shower and setting your dishes on your new cabinet shelves when you know they’re thoroughly cleaned.

2. It can give your home a fresh start.

Something is refreshing about entering your new home knowing that it’s completely clean. Regardless of how well the previous owners kept their home clean, getting a move-in clean can assure you that everything is clean and sanitary.

A move-in clean frees you up to unpack and settle into your new home.

3. It will remove any allergens or pollutants left by former residents.

If anyone in your household has allergies, respiratory issues, or asthma, getting a move-in clean is a great way to ensure your family’s safety. Many asthma patients are triggered by things like dust, pollen, and mold. Hiring someone for a move-in clean can help remove these allergens and pollutants.

Pet dander also has a way of working itself into a home’s surfaces. If the former owners had pets and anyone in your family has a major allergy, a move-in cleaning is a necessary step for keeping your family safe and comfortable.

4. Professional cleaners will know how to get everything thoroughly clean.

Since professional cleaners are trained to clean, they’ll know how to get everything clean. While you can technically do your move-in cleaning yourself, professional cleaners will know how to get every nook and cranny as clean as possible. If you want everything to be cleaned and sanitized, a move-in cleaner is a good investment.

They’ll also be equipped to clean things like air vents and carpets. These areas should be cleaned before you move into a new home, but many homeowners are ill-equipped to get these parts of the home thoroughly cleaned.

5. You won’t have to purchase special supplies or equipment.

When you pay for a move-in cleaning service, you won’t have to buy any cleaning supplies or equipment. For example, carpet cleaning supplies can be expensive, even if you rent a carpet cleaner. When you hire a move-in cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about costly equipment.

6. You’ll save a lot of time.

When you’re moving, you have plenty of things to worry about getting done. Hiring a professional to take care of a move-in clean means you and your family won’t have to spend time cleaning. That frees you up to unpack, settle in, and explore your new home.

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